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Clear Water Pool & Spa 

Kenosha/Racine Wisconsin

Liners and epoxy coatings are our specialty.

Custom steps and spill over spas-no problem.

  new coatings 002.JPG (43730 bytes)  new coatings 005.JPG (53036 bytes) cp105-136-w.jpg (106351 bytes) cp099-011-w.jpg (149414 bytes)

This was a plain 18x36 vinyl liner pool that customer wanted to customize. Anything is possible. We can also trowel quartz directly to pool coatings 016.JPG (46860 bytes) matches spa new coatings 007.JPG (48052 bytes)

Boys and girls club pool, 28x66 that was leaking badly. 

Boys and Girls club 004.JPG (138396 bytes) Boys and Girls club 014.JPG (130503 bytes) Boys and Girls club 010.JPG (110625 bytes)

Large outdoor pool that had been fiber glassed a while back. Steel walls badly rusted with many holes. Rebuild with 24oz mat.

Skipper Bud's 015.JPG (59358 bytes) wpe27.jpg (34260 bytes) Skipper Bud's 008.JPG (61661 bytes) Skipper Bud's 033.JPG (63164 bytes)

An indoor condo pool. Fiberglass walls were developing holes and splitting apart. Entire pool was rebuilt with 24oz mat. Stairs and depth change striped.

Copy of Island View condos 027.JPG (27824 bytes) Island View condos 004.jpg (21658 bytes) Island View condos 008.jpg (24388 bytes) Island View condos 014.JPG (29411 bytes)

Island View condos 030.JPG (31640 bytes) Island View condos 016.JPG (23408 bytes) Skipper Bud's 019.JPG (88644 bytes) Island View condos 021.JPG (61062 bytes)

 A wooden spa that was tiled. Spa had black algae behind substrate and leaking badly. Tiles falling off.

Meadow Lake 011.JPG (103619 bytes) Meadow Lake 010.JPG (104334 bytes) Skipper Bud's 005.JPG (66806 bytes) Skipper Bud's 004.JPG (86099 bytes)

A concrete pool in good shape except for large crack just below the waterline.

clear water 007.JPG (97565 bytes) clear water 008.JPG (127845 bytes) Ken Clark 001.jpg (42782 bytes)

A concrete pool with severe cracks down the side into the deep end. Cracks filled and entire pool rebuilt with 24oz mat.

Skipper Bud's 012.JPG (29503 bytes) Skipper Bud's 013.JPG (17836 bytes) Skipper Bud's 030.JPG (18958 bytes)

Concrete spa leaking water thru sides. Complete shell built inside of spa.

Walls R Us - Dan 003.JPG (169149 bytes) Walls R Us - Dan 001.JPG (134757 bytes) Walls R Us - Dan 007.JPG (122843 bytes)  

No spa we can,t fix. We added a dozen jets to this one. All new plumbing and pumps too.

Lake Geneva 032.JPG (29291 bytes) Lake Geneva 031.JPG (32461 bytes) Lake Geneva 029.JPG (31269 bytes) Lake Geneva 036.JPG (47938 bytes) Lake Geneva 038.JPG (30216 bytes) Lake Geneva 046.JPG (49432 bytes) A fiberglass pool repainted Boys and Girls club 018.JPG (126766 bytes)

Don't replace those stairs! Customer had recently replaced liner. To replace stairs normally would require the liner be replaced, concrete deck cut up, excavation and new stairs. We saved the customer $4,000!

The steps were covered in white ArmorGuard epoxy and could not tell from new.

clear water 005.JPG (96660 bytes) HPIM0144.JPG (1117242 bytes) HPIM0169.JPG (961022 bytes)

Commercial heaters are no problem for us.

HPIM3235.JPG (136872 bytes) HPIM3237.JPG (112482 bytes) Here we installed a 500,000btu and a 1,125,000btu