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Clear Water Pool & Spa 

Kenosha/Racine Wisconsin

Vinyl and Fiberglass Pool Installs

Now offering fiberglass pools by Leisuretimepoolsusa. They are the premier builder in Australia, now in the US. These exciting new pools come in four fantastic colors with an unbelievable warranty. No more white bath tub looking boring pools. These pools are the cutting edge technology of resin pool building. 

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   HPIM4362.JPG (177472 bytes)

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Morrocan Style Fiberglass Pool  Riviera Style Fiberglass Pool Tuscany Style Fiberglass Pool HPIM4369.JPG (184096 bytes)

HPIM4362.JPG (177472 bytes) HPIM4361.JPG (134314 bytes) HPIM4354.JPG (128026 bytes) HPIM4368.JPG (188662 bytes) HPIM4374.JPG (152880 bytes)

Custom pools with sundecks and auto covers.

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Peterson pool 016.JPG (146318 bytes) Hanson 011.JPG (49625 bytes) Key West 022.JPG (53898 bytes) Boys and Girls club 001.JPG (151508 bytes) HPIM4412.JPG (174424 bytes)

cp099-011-w.jpg (149414 bytes) Vinylundertrackexternalstep.jpg (263605 bytes) Boys and Girls club 019.JPG (126301 bytes) Boys and Girls club 012.JPG (111132 bytes) HPIM4378.JPG (159160 bytes)

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Custom built spa 8x12 with fountain. We do Koi ponds too. ArmorGuard is ANSI/NSF and FDA approved. It is odorless and non-toxic.

 Pat's spa 015.JPG (63273 bytes) Copy (2) of Pat's spa 005.JPG (6876 bytes) Copy of Pat's spa 014.JPG (46003 bytes) Pat's spa 045.JPG (82322 bytes)  

More Epoxy Spa Pics

Custom Pools-any size, shape or extras. Zero entrance or a swim up bar? Islands in middle of pool?

  wpe2F.jpg (256165 bytes) wpe31.jpg (181571 bytes) Skipper Bud's 007.JPG (63164 bytes) Island View condos 027.JPG (86836 bytes)

 More Epoxy Pool Pics

 We also do vinyl lined pools, auto covers and domes so you can swim all year long.

  clear water 010.JPG (53225 bytes) Skipper Bud's 009.JPG (110554 bytes) Skipper Bud's 008.JPG (99980 bytes) Peterson pool 017.JPG (127758 bytes)

 More Vinyl Pool Pics

This is a spa renovation, but could easily be custom built.

Lake Geneva 032.JPG (29291 bytes) Lake Geneva 031.JPG (32461 bytes) Lake Geneva 026.JPG (25542 bytes) Lake Geneva 029.JPG (31269 bytes)

Custom pool with zero entrance, pebble coated bottom, spa?

new coatings 006.JPG (42257 bytes) new coatings 021.JPG (78374 bytes) new coatings 005.JPG (53036 bytes) new coatings 007.JPG (48052 bytes)

St. Thomas font equipment.

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call us with any ?

Tom 262-770-0668